"Who is this for?"

Anyone that needs a solution to a real estate issue. Often times the "regular way" of selling a property takes too long. If you need to sell fast, or don't want to touch the property any more, this is for you.

"What is the process?"

We take a look at the property, you get an offer, and you can take it or leave it!Simple as that.

"What if my house is in really bad shape..."

We will still take it! Sure, we will not be able to offer as much as if it was in perfect shape but we will still take it off your hands!

"How fast is the process?"

Really as fast as you want it to be. Our network is ready to purchase a home today. As long as you are responsive to messages, we can get this done in a matter of days.

"Who will I work with?"

You will only have to work with us. No third parties. No passing you along down the line of command. A team member will get in contact with you and that team member will get you an offer and get you paid!

"How do I get started?"

Simply fill out one of the forms on this site with your information. We will be in contact very shortly to get any additional information.

Hear What People Have Said

We are so proud to have helped so many individuals!

Rusty R.

"Our family was in a bad spot. It is scary how fast things can go from bad to worse. Max and the team at Songbird really came to our help. Could not recommend them more.."

Gina Z.

"Foreclosure was looming over my head and I was feeling overwhelmed. Honestly I didn't know that there were other options. These guys helped me avoid the stress and damage to my credit."

Hayley N.

"I was behind on my mortgage payments and didn't see a way out. They bought my house for cash and allowed me to walk away with some money in my pocket and a fresh start. I am so grateful for their help."

John W.

"We just needed a way out. The Team was great to work with and they found us a solution within the week They made the whole process painless. It is as if this huge weight is off our shoulders."

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